The Dutch Flute Society NFG (founded in 1992) is an association in the Netherlands and Belgium for flutists of all levels: professional flutists, flute students and amateurs. There are around 550 members of which ca. 60 in Belgium. NFG members receive every quarter our full colour magazine ‘FLUIT’, with interesting articles on a wide range of issues relating to the flute.
The NFG also has an informative website ( )and Facebook page (, in order to inform its members optimally. Various activities are organized regularly where flutists can participate: workshops, master classes & festivals. The NFG wants to encourage the practice of the flute play and knowledge of flute music and literature. The NFG would be helpful in establishing contacts between Dutch and Belgium flutists. The Dutch Flute Society has become a household name in the Netherlands and has an extensive news and information network. The NFG maintains contacts with flute organizations around the world.
From 2-5 november 2017 the NFG is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a 4 day festival and a European Conference with the flute education as underlying theme.