Norwegian Flute Society (NFS) was established in 2009 by founding members Jørn Schau, Anne Lill Ree, Tore Aune, Martina Dingstad, Lars Asbjørnsen, Linn Annett Ernø and Marianne Aarum. Jørn Schau was the initiator and became the first elected chairman. In 2013 he was followed by Morten Mortensen, who is the current NFS chair.
The NFS aims are to help Norwegian flautists to collaborate, inspire the younger flute generation and to stimulate growth within the Norwegian Flute Scene. Newsletters, flutedays, concerts and events are important parts of the strategy. In 2014, NFS launched the first Norwegian flute competition. The second competition will take place in 2016. The NFS has 350 members.
The major event is the Norwegian Flute Festival that runs every second year. During the festival NFS presents a variety of highly internationally acclaimed soloists and teachers.

The festival seeks to have a clear artistic focus as well as offering teaching activities that favors all categories and levels of fluteplaying.
NFS is represented in the Council of European Flute Associations by Jørn Schau, who is also an EFA board member.