28-29th October 2021

European Flute Festival 2021

Fall 2021:

Reinspiring flute playing post covid

  • Concerts
  • Presentations

28th October 2021

Online October 28th 12:00 – 29th 12:00 MEST

3 online Boxes to follow during one week-end:




  • Wissam Boustany: Three Improvisations
  • Eyal Ein-Habar: Fantaisie op. 50 by A. B. Fürstenau
  • Gaby Pas-Van Riet and the Lotus String Quartet: 
    Flute Quintet in A-Major op. 105 by Anton Reicha
  • Gergely Ittzes: Capricous Fantaisies
  • Olga Ivusheikova and Uliana Zhivitskaya: Sonata for 2 flutes and piano by Ivan Sokolov
  • Mario Caroli: Jyotis for solo flute by Doina Rotaru and Incantation – Pour que l’image devienne symbole for solo flute by André Jolivet
  • Paul Edmund Davies: The Rabboni Project
  • Philippe Bernold: Joachim Andersen opus 15 number 3, arranged for flute and harp by R. Guiot



  • Gudrun Hinze: How to find your personal Piccolo sound
  • Matthias Ziegler: Ewa Kingma Flutes – New Models
  • Carla Rees: Ten Top Tips for Playing Low Flutes
  • Petri Alanko: Brahms 4th Symphony – Tutorial Video
  • Tilmann Dehnhard: Quiet Sounds
  • Aleksandra Türk-Espitalier: Flute Posture – seen from a different perspective
  • Sophie Dufeutrelle: will come according to Sophie from earlier
  • Ruth Wentorf: Congratulations on Nobel Peace Prize Nomination, Maria Koleshnikova! (will come)



  • Austrian Flute Association
  • Norwegian Flute Society – Presentation by Lars Asbjørnsen
  • Italian Flute Association – Falaut: Presentation by Salvatore Lombardi
  • Portuguese Flute Association – Presentation edited by Jorge Correia
  • British Flute Society – Presentation by amongst others Lisa Nelson, Rachel Smith and Wissam Boustany
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Flöte
  • Flute association A Travers la flûte (southern France)
  • Swedish Flute Society
  • La Côte Flûte Festival (Switzerland) – Presentation by Carole Reuge