The German Flute Association (Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Floete e.V.) was founded on July 3, 1985 in Frankfurt am Main.
Today the DGfF has not only found its place among the flute societies around the world – it is also one of the largest membership organizations in Germany, representing a single instrument or an instrument group (2,000 members).
Floete aktuell, the official journal of the DGfF is published four times a year and contains portraits, instrument related articles, stylistic studies – also on flute in jazz – information on competitions, reviews of books, published music and CDs, discussions of educational practice and fluteenie for children and  adolescents.
Since 1989 FluteFestivals were hosted by the DGfF in a regular cycle. These events offer everything a flutist’s heart desires: instrument and music exhibitions, workshops on various topics, master classes with the participating artists, concerts almost around the clock. More than 200 flutists have participated up to now, including Aurèle Nicolet, Jean -Pierre Rampal, Paul Meisen, Konrad Hünteler, William Bennett, Susan Milan, Andrea Lieberknecht, Henrik Wiese, Emily Beynon, Michael Kofler, Ransom Wilson … this list could be continued almost indefinitely or supplemented by orchestras such as the Budapest Strings, La Stagione Frankfurt, string quartets, trios and wind quintets.
Honorary members of the DGfF are the flute makers Albert Cooper ✝ and Helmuth Hammig ✝, the flutists Trevor Wye, Peter-Lukas Graf, Jean-Pierre Rampal ✝, Aurèle Nicolet ✝, Karlheinz Zoeller ✝, Paul Meisen, Sir James Galway and Rüdiger Jacobsen.