The french flute association « A Travers la Flûte » was created in 2002 by the flute teachers of the French Riviera who wished to share their passion for this instrument. The aim of the association is to promote the flute under all its facets, through the organization and the creation of events concerning educational activities and the production (conventions, concerts, masterclasses and competitions)
Chair : Sibel Pensel
Honorary Chairman : Maxence Larrieu
Staff coordinators : Caroline Debonne, Prisca Eskenazi, Laëtitia Guillemet, Marlène Brisard, Gitte Dulat, Vanina Strobino, Raphëlle Truchot
Activities :
– « Les flûte d’Azur » Orchestra : Mauricio Lozano as the conductor (30 young flutists), toured in Germany, Norway, Turkey, Switzerland, Poland, Italy.
– The International Maxence Larrieu Flute Competition : every 4 years from 2007, in Nice.
– The Flute Days : every year, Concerts, workshops, masterclasses, music shops, and flute competition, alternately « Flute Ensembles Competition » and « Flute and Piano Competition ».
– The 1st Congress for the Flute Associations in Europe, in 2014
During the past events, we were glad to have the flollowing flutists guests :
Maxence Larrieu, Aurèle Nicolet, Emmanuel Pahud, Silvia Careddu, Felix Renggli, Loic Schneider, Ransom Wilson, Michel Moraguès, Patrick Gallois, Juliette Hurel, Benoît Fromanger, Philippe Bernold, William Bennett, Claude Lefebvre, Jean Ferrandis, Jocelyn Aubrun, Davide Formisano, José-Daniel Castellon, Magali Mosnier…